Travis & Co. Are Redefining the Hen’s Night Experience.

Hen’s parties may have been a pre-wedding tradition for hundreds of years but Melbourne based Travis & Co. believe that they have the recipe to take the hen’s night experience to the next level. Quickly becoming the most sought after company in the industry offering exclusive hens night packages, Travis & Co. are now operating Australia-wide with the simple goal of creating unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Secret Ingredient?

Travis & Co. know that variety is the spice of life, so their range of exquisite cocktails will have something for everyone. The cocktails are made and served by a highly professional team who offer a top-quality waiting service. This allows party guests to relax and unwind before the big day or blow off a little steam in some of the exciting, cheeky games. Keeping the fun (and cocktails!) flowing is a key element to Travis & Co’s success and the success of the many hen’s parties that they have attended.

Anyone can whip their shirt off, make cocktails and play party games but Travis and Co. are equipped to go the extra mile and bring the occasion to life.

Cocktail Catering at it’s finest

Travis and the boys are fit, fun-loving, friendly professionals who go out of their way to keep the party moving in the right direction, whether that’s by taking fantastic care of the bride and other hens or shutting the party down as part of a saucy SWAT team. The service doesn’t just include the party however, as they know all too well how stressful it can be to organise such an important event and pride themselves on second-to-none communication all through the booking process.

Whether you want to sip strawberry daiquiris and chill or slam shots and go wild, the professional team have an extraordinary ability to read a room. Charismatic and respectful guys  that love to have fun with the guests, Travis & Co. aim to brighten your party with their great personalities and not just their washboard abs.

It doesn’t matter if your hen’s party is an intimate affair or you’ve invited the whole henhouse, Travis & Co. will rise to any occasion and maintain their benchmark of high-quality service.

You Can’t Go Wrong!

Offering cocktail catering packages including unlimited cocktails, games and entertainment, delivered to your door, you really can’t go wrong. We all know full well that you can’t buy a vibe, but Travis & Co. bring it every time. Everyone remembers their wedding, but Travis & Co. make the hen’s night just as unforgettable. Although you might be less inclined to show the photos to your grandparents… Not only do Travis & Co. service capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra, they also accept bookings for coast and outer suburb areas. For the best hens party & cocktail catering experience, contact us today!