Why Choose us?

Our business is built off the foundations of what we’ve discovered to be the perfect hen’s night: cocktails, games and topless waiters who are easy on the eye! By combining all the essential ingredients of a fantastic party, we now have the recipe to deliver an amazing hen’s night tailored to your needs. We can add in any spices you fancy since our services can easily be tailored to the needs of you and your guests, ranging from our premium cocktail packages to topless waiters and male entertainment packages.

We know that it can be intimidating booking guys for an event like this, however we can assure you that our guys are hand chosen to ensure that you and your friends are made to feel comfortable, and even pushed out of your comfort zones if you desire! Our experiences at these nights have been overwhelmingly positive (Check out our reviews and testimonials J)

Our packages are the best value for money in the market and are delivered to a standard that is above and beyond the others. We truly pride ourselves on this, as our aim is for you to have the time of your lives, and leave you wanting more! It is hard to resist, if you wish to find out more, please click the link below to enquire.

Our Story

Two years ago, Travis was sitting at breakfast with a couple of the guys, discussing the hen’s party they attended the night before.

“It was alright, nothing out of the ordinary”, they described.

They got to thinking; why is the industry satisfied with ‘good enough’ when the people aren’t?

You can find drinks and games at your local bar, so how could we make the night stand out like it should?

After bouncing ideas around, they concluded the ~secret sauce~ is bringing a lively vibe that leaves guests wanting more.

Travis set about redefining hens night experiences to create memories that last a lifetime.

No one forgets their wedding, and no one will forget the experience they have with us.

“Travis… I have some questions for you”

What makes you guys different?

We create an experience unlike any other. Oh, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously – we focus on you, not on us!

Where are you located?

We are based in Melbourne, however we service nearly all states in Australia, including ACT, NSW, WA, SA, VIC & QLD

Is it just hens parties?

Travis & Co. delivers the very best experiences in cities across Australia for all events, including: hen’s nights, cocktail parties, birthday parties, corporate events and ladies’ nights.

What’s your motto?

Here at Travis & Co. we believe that life is defined by the experiences you have and the people you share them with, so let’s live it up!

What do you guys actually do?

Given the response to the previous question, this will come as no surprise – we create unforgettable experiences, and memories that last a lifetime.

But Travis, how?

Well if you really want to know why thousands of girls have fallen in love with our experiences… You’ll have to invite us over to find out.

Delicious cocktails, charismatic & handsome waiters, lively games, great entertainment and so much more

Most sought-after entertainment & catering company

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