Australia’s Leading Hens Night Service

1. Hens Night Party: A Timeless Tradition 

When it comes to bachelor party ideas for brides, the Hens Night Party reigns supreme. This time-honored tradition allows the bride and her closest friends to indulge in a night of revelry before the big day. From themed decorations to personalized games and entertainment, the possibilities are endless. Hens Night Parties provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate friendship and the journey ahead. At Travis and Co, we understand the importance of creating memorable experiences. Our expertise in curating bespoke Hens Night Parties ensures that brides and their squads have an unforgettable time.

How Travis and Co Make a Difference:

Travis and Co have been at the forefront of creating magical moments for brides. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to tailor Hens Night Parties that reflect the bride’s personality and preferences. From elegant venues to interactive activities, we specialize in turning visions into reality. With Travis and Co, the bride can relax and enjoy every moment, confident that her bachelor party is in capable hands.

2. Destination Retreat: A Blissful Getaway 

For brides looking to combine relaxation with celebration, a destination retreat is an excellent choice. Whether it’s a beachfront villa, a mountain cabin, or a spa resort, a weekend getaway provides an intimate setting for the bride and her friends. Expert assistance is available to plan the ultimate destination retreat, complete with luxurious accommodations, spa treatments, and private chef services.

3. Adventure Seeker Extravaganza: Thrills and Spills 

Inject an adrenaline rush into the bachelor party with an adventure-packed day. From zip-lining and rock climbing to water sports and off-road adventures, there’s no shortage of options for the adventurous bride. Professional coordination ensures a seamless and thrilling experience for the entire party.

4. Culinary Delight: A Foodie’s Paradise

For brides who appreciate the finer things in life, a culinary-themed bachelor party is a delectable choice. Engage the senses with a private chef’s tasting menu, wine pairings, or a cooking class. Top-notch catering services are available, creating an ambiance that satisfies the bride’s gastronomic desires.

5. Glamorous Night Out: Red Carpet Ready 

Roll out the red carpet for the bride and her entourage with a glamorous night out on the town. From VIP access to exclusive clubs to a private limo tour of the city, professional orchestration can deliver a night of glitz and glamour that the bride will remember for a lifetime.


In the quest for the perfect bachelor party for brides, the key is personalization and attention to detail. We, at Travis and Co., bring our commitment to creating tailored experiences, standing out as the go-to service provider for Hens Night Parties in Melbourne, Sydney, and across Australia. From hens night packages, open bar packages to topless waiter services, we ensure that every aspect of the celebration is curated to perfection. Make your bride’s journey to the aisle even more memorable with Travis and Co.—a name synonymous with excellence in event planning. Celebrate love, laughter, and friendship with a Hens Night Party that exceeds expectations.